Wedding Tea Ceremony in Santorini

cover in Waimai tea
Waimai and Chris had their wedding in Santorini last May, traveling from London along with their family and dearest friends.
They had two ceremonies; one of them was a traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. All of the beautiful traditions and process are in our photo collection.
The monetary presents are offered in the form of a red envelope that symbolizes luck and prosperity to the new family.
Wedding presents to the couple are usually expected from the elders, family members who are older or of higher generation rank than the newlyweds.
The elders sit while the couple serves tea to each one, beginning with the head of the family.
The elder in return will offer a small present to the couple.
This is repeated with the other elders in the order of descending generation rank.
The tea ceremony is also an opportunity for the bride and groom to express gratitude towards their parents for looking after them until the wedding day.
In Chinese families, one is considered an adult and independent when they get married.
This also serves as the event during which the family meets the new spouse and welcomes them to the family.
It was one of those special moments, when the traditional red colors of the Chinese culture blended in the white of Santorini, over the breathtaking view of Caldera and the Volcano.

Wedding planner: Santorini Glam Weddings | Venue: Rocabella Hotel | Flower decoration: Betty Flowers


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