Elegant Summer Wedding at Nasioutzik Estate...

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Our first appointment with Katerina was a year before her wedding.
  She came to our studio with her sister because Peter was already abroad, where they would stay the two of them after marriage. Showing them our videos and wedding albums, we saw what every photographer wants to see, the confirmation that our work is admired through their emotional mood as they watched our wedding video clips.
  The Nasioutzik estate was the place they chose for their wedding, which is wonderful that alone!! Especially when decorated with beautiful flowers and delicate lace linen in bonbons at the tables!!
  Phosart team was there very early, before the preparations, along with Katerina and Peter, taking all the time ahead to enjoy the place before the start of the intense rhythms of the day.
  Willing to follow our instructions of direction, they danced to the song rhythm that we had decided in advance that will be their music background at the video clip (watch here!).
  Every moment was a photographic treasure, so all we had to do was watching and recording every minute.
  Overflowed with love Katerina was when she saw Peter and he, in return, admired her beauty in her wedding dress.
  "I think the best moment was our entrance to the reception area. When we went down the hill of Nasioutzik estate, we saw a fabulous backdrop and all our loved ones together to cheer. It was just fantastic!" Katerina said when we asked which was the most beautiful moment of the wedding.
We wish them their love to stay strong and intact!

Wedding Venue: Nasioutzik Estate | Decoration, Flowers, Invitations & Wedding favors: Margarita Kazi | Wedding gown: Aazria by Nem | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo | Groom's suit: Hugo Boss


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